Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What we would miss

I am scared.

This morning as I was starting my car I sat there for a bit waiting for it to heat up. NPR came right on and someone was talking about the stimulus package. They said they didn't have a problem with it but to include funding for the arts was "Pork Barrel Spending." I sat there stunned, when did funding for the arts become "Pork Barrel?" Last night I had sat through a School Board meeting which was all about the arts! And someones job was at stake.There is a decision for people to make and it will not be an easy one.
Will music have to go?
Up and down the state of California music, theatre, art is being cut from our schools. For many of our students this is what they Come to school for! Our districts want us to do well on test scores and have less truant children. Well the arts is one of the ways this can happen.
I worry.
I grew up in Patterson and there weren't a lot of arts programs back then. I was lucky enough to have a library card and a love of books and old movies. My Junior year I finally got to take Drama! I had been waiting for that... for forever! I loved it. The next year we got a new Theatre teacher Mr. Dias and he started a brand new program! I was there every step of the way! I am back now in Patterson because the arts made such a huge impact on my life. These teachers and librarians and people made such a big impact. I want to make the world a better place. So do the kids to are in band, art, and drama! We strive to bring the world beauty! Do not let Patterson's beauty die. Remember, yes we need the science, math, English and history to learn about the world, but we also need music, art, and theatre to understand the world and make it a better and more harmonious place.

It is not "Pork Barrel Spending" it is money well spent!


Anonymous said...

I love Art, but because of the 6 periods only(plus lunch), I can't take it my senior year, since i have to take the classes i need for college like the main ones. My art teachers are great! When I give Ms. Pugliese my grade sheet, she puts a note saying if I'll take more art next year, but I'm saddened to say that I can't. I've done Art 1(Freshman year), Sculpture(Softmore year), Drawing and Painting(Junior year), and Contemporary Art Media(Junior year). I'm lucky that I had a chance to have these art classes just in 3 years. I got 2 art classes because I didn't choose chemistry. Mr. T and Ms. Pugliese are great teachers, I'm glad I have them as teachers as well as all my other teachers.

grandmaamy said...

I pray you and Tori will keep pursuing bringing art (music, drama, etc)to Patterson. It is so important to our community, and you have done a tremendous job.

Don't give up in the face of adverstiy. Stand strong and do what you know is right.

Carol said...

Art and science are part of our life thanks for sharing your thoughts..
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